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In my last post I mentioned about having troubles playing the lower recorder line from Father’s World with the soprano acoustic recorder loaned to me by a friend. After making that post, I checked out Ebay on a whim to see if anyone is selling recorders there. Are they!

Right now the Musical Instruments>Woodwinds>Recorders subcategory has 266 auctions going on. That’s a lot of recorders, and they include everything from el cheapo Sporanos (that don’t seem to sell), to older wooden altos and tenors, to even one sub-contrabass that I saw with an opening bid of $2300.

Berkley Winds offers one of these on Ebay every day with a starting bid of $0.99 (they make it up in $20 shipping and handling,  so I knew I was getting a $21 recorder).

I lost the first one because I wouldn’t go above $25 (incld. S&H), but one the next day at $1. There’s one up there today that’s bid up to $10. Foolish if you’ve done a little research.

So now that I’ve got an Alto recorder (or will middle of next week), I’m wondering if I should bid on the $35 Yamaha tenor that reappears from time to time…


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