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Adventures in Home Recording

Prelude:From the Rising

When I first started the concept that would become Moments with Him, I knew that I wanted to include interspersed instrumental interludes (which is somewhat ironic since almost the entire project is instrumental – these just aren’t hymns.)

Anyway, I knew that these interludes would all be called “Interlude:” and then the name, such as Majestic. The exception would be this opening track, which would be called Prelude: From the Rising, and be characterized by an upward-moving motif on the piano, and that’s what I started writing. Continue reading


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This Is My Father’s World

Skip to the end if you don’t like the technical details…

The lyrics to this hymn were written in 1901 by Pastor Maltbie Babcock who would hike in upstate New York seeing “his Father’s World.” The melody was added in 1915 by Franklin Sheppard. I love this sweet English melody – it reminds me of Vaughn Williams.

Some months ago when I was paging through a hymnal looking for hymns that took my fancy for this project, My Father’s World jumped out at me not only as appealing, but I immediately knew what instrumentation I wanted to use – recorder lead and hammered dulcimer accompaniment. Of course, I cannot do anything simply, so the arrangement built. First came a flute harmony, then a solo violin countermelody, doubled by a glockenspiel to help it sing nicely. Then I added a string section and piano (gotta have a piano). Continue reading

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O Sacred Head Now Wounded

O Sacred Head, Now Wounded is a traditional German hymn written by Hans Leo Hassler. I’ve always loved the melody and chord structure of this song. It’s also stuck in my head for decades since I heard Paul Simon’s American Tune which borrows the melody for the beginning of it’s verse. Continue reading

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Production Update 10-01-09

Head 0930From the screenshot, you can see that all the instruments are present and fully accounted for. Compare to the last entry and you can see the progress. The rest of Horn 2, Trombones 1 and 2, Bass Trombone and Tuba have all been tracked. Continue reading

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Production Update Sept-23

Head 0923I’ve stolen a couple of evenings to work a bit more on tracking Oh Sacred Head. I wish I had taken more screen shots of my progress. That way we could track together all the way to the end.

Anyway, I can play my WX5 despite my broken finger (left ring). Last night and tonight I tracked the rest of Horn 1 (grey track) and  the beginning of Horn 2 (top gold track).

I’ve also discovered a new free convolution reverb that may become my go-to reverb. It’s called Reverberate. Unlike SIR and Cakewalk’s Perfect Space, which sum the inputs to mono before applying the IR, Reverberate takes the left and right inputs, applies the left and right channels of the IR, and sends them out the left and right outputs. They call this “Parallel Stereo“, as opposed to their pay version which is “True Stereo.”

So far I really like the sound and the stereo separation.

Oh, and the new music computer still isn’t working. I can’t get the SATA drive working. A friend will come over (soon, I hope) to help me out with that.

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Trumpets In!

I found some spare time tonight and finished tracking the trumpets in Oh Sacred Head Now Wounded. Continue reading

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Production Update 8/27/09

Lots of news – unfortunately, none of it includes an up and running new music computer. That might change this weekend – stay tuned for future posts. Continue reading

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Back to Work

Brass Choir 2005So, I’ve spent most of the summer out working on a highway for 10+ hours a day. I basically didn’t do any music from the end of April to, well, yesterday. Continue reading

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Production Update – 05/29/09

I’ve moved forward on a number of fronts, without completing anything. Thus, a production update post. Continue reading

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Family Photo

Family Photo

Family Photo

Well, when the Tenor arrived, I started a post about that, complete with a photo of my three recorders. As I was writing, I mentioned that there was one more recorder – the sopranino, and maybe I should get one of those, as well.

Yeah, well, as I wrote that, I surfed over to Ebay to see just what a sopranino cost, and I bit. So, the sopranino arrived yesterday. Today I got a thumb rest for the Tenor, and decided it was time for a family photo.

For the unintiated, recorders come in some six flavors, although the two largest, the bass and contra-bass, are very expensive. The other four, as seen above from longest to shortest, are the Tenor, Alto, Soprano and Sopranino.

The key of the recoder is determined by the note when all holes are covered – the lowest note the instrument can sound. For the Tenor it is middle C and for Soprano it is C one octave above. The Alto and Sopranino each start at the F above the next lower instrument.

So, please forgive the lousy picture of me and feast your eyes on a consort of recorders.

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