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Willsongs Gamin’ with the Boys

My good friend Will has published a new song, this time with a video. See here:

Here’s a direct link to the video:

This is a rockin’ instrumental track, so enjoy!

While you’re there, check out his other songs – they’re worth a listen:


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The Agenda

My daughter asked me a question recently (I don’t remember what it was) that prompted me to take a look at the music projects I currently have on my plate. Wow, there’s a lot of unfinished work, and even more that is planned and not started. I thought it might be fun to review it here – I’ll put it down in the order to the nearest to being finished to the furthest. Continue reading

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One Way Editing

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Long time readers of my blog will remember about a year ago when I recorded the kids in my church singing several kid’s praise songs for use in their Sunday morning services. I detailed some of the recording aspects of this project here. That project languished under the weight of my underpowered computer for a looooong time. Continue reading

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Home Recording Podcasts

I’ve had an iPod (several, actually – the current being the first not to self destruct) over the last several years, but only in the last year or so I’ve become interested in listening to podcasts. I think it comes from my desire to always be hearing something new – I have mostly the same old music on my iPod (even if it is 12 gig worth, which comes to roughly a whole lot). With podcasts, it’s always something new, and sometimes useful and inspiring. Continue reading

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Spinning the Compass

Spinning the Album CoverCompass is a Steampunk project by Tom Slatter. Before I can review the music, I think a little bit on Steampunk is in order, as I expect most of my readers have no idea what I am talking about. Continue reading

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O Sacred Head Now Wounded

O Sacred Head, Now Wounded is a traditional German hymn written by Hans Leo Hassler. I’ve always loved the melody and chord structure of this song. It’s also stuck in my head for decades since I heard Paul Simon’s American Tune which borrows the melody for the beginning of it’s verse. Continue reading

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A Little Bach

In previous posts I had mentioned wishing I could get the Garritan Stradivari and Gofriller Cello instruments, but, alas, they are discontinued. There is hope that they will be resurrected and better with the upcoming Garritan Orchestral Strings 2. But, GOS2 is an unknown distance in the future, especially with current developments in Gary Garritan’s personal life, for which we all lift our thoughts and prayers. Continue reading

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It Is Alive!

Finally, after several months of finagling, I have finished building my music computer. I can’t believe how many obstacles there were to overcome, and how many of them could have been more easily overcome by the application of additional money – but we work with the resources available. (Note: this is a very technical, geeky post. If you are only reading this for the music, skip the rest!) Continue reading

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Production Update 10-01-09

Head 0930From the screenshot, you can see that all the instruments are present and fully accounted for. Compare to the last entry and you can see the progress. The rest of Horn 2, Trombones 1 and 2, Bass Trombone and Tuba have all been tracked. Continue reading

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Production Update Sept-23

Head 0923I’ve stolen a couple of evenings to work a bit more on tracking Oh Sacred Head. I wish I had taken more screen shots of my progress. That way we could track together all the way to the end.

Anyway, I can play my WX5 despite my broken finger (left ring). Last night and tonight I tracked the rest of Horn 1 (grey track) and  the beginning of Horn 2 (top gold track).

I’ve also discovered a new free convolution reverb that may become my go-to reverb. It’s called Reverberate. Unlike SIR and Cakewalk’s Perfect Space, which sum the inputs to mono before applying the IR, Reverberate takes the left and right inputs, applies the left and right channels of the IR, and sends them out the left and right outputs. They call this “Parallel Stereo“, as opposed to their pay version which is “True Stereo.”

So far I really like the sound and the stereo separation.

Oh, and the new music computer still isn’t working. I can’t get the SATA drive working. A friend will come over (soon, I hope) to help me out with that.

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