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Adventures in Home Recording

Prelude:From the Rising

When I first started the concept that would become Moments with Him, I knew that I wanted to include interspersed instrumental interludes (which is somewhat ironic since almost the entire project is instrumental – these just aren’t hymns.)

Anyway, I knew that these interludes would all be called “Interlude:” and then the name, such as Majestic. The exception would be this opening track, which would be called Prelude: From the Rising, and be characterized by an upward-moving motif on the piano, and that’s what I started writing. Continue reading


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Production Update

I am now up to no fewer than four songs in active production right now, with the starting of another last night. I can’t help it – I get jazzed about something and that’s what I want to work on. I suppose that I need to focus on one thing until it’s finished, but at the same time, the advantage of this music thing being a hobby is that I can work on whatever takes my fancy without worrying about deadlines or schedules or anything like that. Continue reading

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Father’s World Tracking Finally Completed

Really? Done? Sort of – maybe. Continue reading

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Father’s World Arranging Done

Sunday night I officially finished arranging “This is My Father’s World.” Maybe. Continue reading

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Be Thou My Vision

Be Thou My Vision is an old hymn of Gaelic origin. There are at least two sets of lyrics floating around for it. One tends to be found in more traditional churches (i.e. Catholic or Presbyterian), and the other in more evangelical churches (i.e. Baptist). Believe it or not, I cannot find the Catholic lyrics that I grew up with. Continue reading

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Save Early, Save Often

I finally found some time Wednesday night to work on my music. I played hooky from church and my wife and kids went, so I had the house (and studio) to myself. I immediately got to work (after doing the dinner dishes and straightening up the living room – after 16 years I know exactly how to get on my wife’s good side). Continue reading

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No, I haven’t gotten all efficient on you. This track didn’t take nearly as long as the last. For starters, it only has two instruments. If you remember for my last entry, the concept for the new CD and the various tracks therein are beginning to take shape. As mentioned, the second track I’m working on (not necessarily the second track in order on the CD) is an arrangement of the hymn My Jesus I Love Thee. Continue reading

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