notes from the shore

Adventures in Home Recording

Production Update

I am now up to no fewer than four songs in active production right now, with the starting of another last night. I can’t help it – I get jazzed about something and that’s what I want to work on. I suppose that I need to focus on one thing until it’s finished, but at the same time, the advantage of this music thing being a hobby is that I can work on whatever takes my fancy without worrying about deadlines or schedules or anything like that. Continue reading


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MIDI Soprano Sax

I spent a little time working on what will be the last track on the new project: Going Home. It’s sort of an homage to Vince Guaraldi, one of my favorite jazz piano players. The concept is piano, soprano sax, upright bass and trap set played with brushes. Likely everything will be totally MIDI tracks unless I come across a soprano sax player who will work for cheap (and I like his tone). Continue reading

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