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My Jesus, I Love Thee

That’s right, it’s finally posted. I solved my little problem from the last post (dropping piano notes). It turns out that most DFD (direct from disk) streaming samplers have this same problem with off-line rendering. There is a setting you can switch to fix this. I haven’t checked to see if it plays back properly in real time, yet.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here it is – piano and cello playing My Jesus, I Love Thee.

For the future, I’m working on several items at the same time – unfortunately only one having to do with my project. I’m currently arranging the strings on Father’s World. I’m also working on two songs for other people – one a young lady I’ve mentioned before. I had her and her sister over for a recording session several weekends ago, and still need to get in and comp together the performances.

I’m also working on a synth line for another friend’s song. I’m hearing a consort of recorders, a la Stairway to Heaven. I’m arranging them right now and we’ll see how it turns out.

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Production Update

I know I’ve been spotty at posting of late. Mostly my time spent on music is so short and scattered that I cannot complete anything of note. That being said, here is where the various pieces fall right now: Continue reading

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What a Swell Feeling

I messed with a few different reverbs and I think found a combination that I like. However, I let a trusted friend listen to the track and he pointed out a few places where I think I need to go back and re-address the MIDI side of the recording. There were a couple of places where he felt like the piano part stumbled a little, and I agreed. Continue reading

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No, I haven’t gotten all efficient on you. This track didn’t take nearly as long as the last. For starters, it only has two instruments. If you remember for my last entry, the concept for the new CD and the various tracks therein are beginning to take shape. As mentioned, the second track I’m working on (not necessarily the second track in order on the CD) is an arrangement of the hymn My Jesus I Love Thee. Continue reading

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Moments with Him

I’ve been zeroing in on the concept for my next CD project. I stated in an earlier post that my plan was to take a series of Hymns and arrange each one with some sort of a “modern” concept. My idea has evolved a bit and become more of a “Mannheim Steamroller goes to church” sort of thing. I’ve always been a big fan of Mannheim Steamroller’s music, long before they became quite popular with their Christmas albums, although the Christmas albums are the direction I’m looking at. Continue reading

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