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Adventures in Home Recording

Home Recording Podcasts Redux

Since my first post on Podcasts that concentrate on aspects of home recording, I’ve discovered a few more that are worth passing on. Continue reading


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Every Day

My wife celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago. It also happened to be the 20th anniversary of our engagement. I’ve been wanting to write for her a song for some time, and this seemed the right occasion.

So, how does one sum up 20 years in a 3 1/2 minute song? Not easily, I can tell you. This is also the first time I sat down to write a song about something not starting with a melody, or phrase, or hook to begin the process. Continue reading

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This Is My Father’s World

Skip to the end if you don’t like the technical details…

The lyrics to this hymn were written in 1901 by Pastor Maltbie Babcock who would hike in upstate New York seeing “his Father’s World.” The melody was added in 1915 by Franklin Sheppard. I love this sweet English melody – it reminds me of Vaughn Williams.

Some months ago when I was paging through a hymnal looking for hymns that took my fancy for this project, My Father’s World jumped out at me not only as appealing, but I immediately knew what instrumentation I wanted to use – recorder lead and hammered dulcimer accompaniment. Of course, I cannot do anything simply, so the arrangement built. First came a flute harmony, then a solo violin countermelody, doubled by a glockenspiel to help it sing nicely. Then I added a string section and piano (gotta have a piano). Continue reading

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Home Recording Podcasts

I’ve had an iPod (several, actually – the current being the first not to self destruct) over the last several years, but only in the last year or so I’ve become interested in listening to podcasts. I think it comes from my desire to always be hearing something new – I have mostly the same old music on my iPod (even if it is 12 gig worth, which comes to roughly a whole lot). With podcasts, it’s always something new, and sometimes useful and inspiring. Continue reading

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Kidz Praise

At my church, the kids under 5th grade have their own service (under 3 in the nursery). I’m the music coordinator for the rugrats, and what we do is project the lyrics of praise songs on a screen with crazy backgrounds, and play kids versions of those songs (in good keys for pre-voice change voices to sing, usually shorter arrangements). Then the kid’s praise leader stands up in front and leads the singing and motions for each song. I work up a good sweat every time. Continue reading

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Summer Tales

I enjoy helping people record their music, especially when they have no other route. Family friends Nicole and Kayley White fall into that category. Nicole is a young writer, poet, and songwriter. She has written more songs than she can count, including one for my daughter to sing at a competition. Continue reading

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Song Production from Begining to End

There are quite a few steps that make up taking a song from initial concept to completed production, ready for public consumption. Since I don’t have any real progress on my own music┬áto report, I thought I would entertain myself outlining those steps for potential recording songwriters. Continue reading

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Be Thou My Vision

Be Thou My Vision is an old hymn of Gaelic origin. There are at least two sets of lyrics floating around for it. One tends to be found in more traditional churches (i.e. Catholic or Presbyterian), and the other in more evangelical churches (i.e. Baptist). Believe it or not, I cannot find the Catholic lyrics that I grew up with. Continue reading

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