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Adventures in Home Recording

What a Swell Feeling

I messed with a few different reverbs and I think found a combination that I like. However, I let a trusted friend listen to the track and he pointed out a few places where I think I need to go back and re-address the MIDI side of the recording. There were a couple of places where he felt like the piano part stumbled a little, and I agreed. Continue reading


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Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Okay, I couldn’t resist. The song has been posted: Continue reading

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Moving from the Technology to the Art

I’m not sure how many posts have promised a look at the actual rendering of the music. I admit that we’ve gotten a bit wrapped up in the technical end of things. However, that’s not unusual. As technology gets more and more powerful, it also gets more and more complex, with numerous (or even innumerable) options to set. When just one of those options is set wrong, it throws a wrench into everything. Continue reading

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Making Music

I’ve run into some interesting issues in rendering Praise to the Lord the Almighty. First, there are two ways of turning MIDI data into music. The first and more obvious way is to simply play the music with the software synthesizer and make a digital recording of it. The second, and more desirable way of doing it is to do the rendering internally, without audibly playing the music. This way the computer can do it’s work at it’s own pace (usually faster than playing directly) and also allows processing of effects that are too cpu-intensive to process in real time smoothly. Continue reading

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Render unto God that which is God’s

render (v) to cause to be or become; to represent or depict; to bring out the meaning of by performance or execution. Continue reading

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