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Adventures in Home Recording

A Little Bach

In previous posts I had mentioned wishing I could get the Garritan Stradivari and Gofriller Cello instruments, but, alas, they are discontinued. There is hope that they will be resurrected and better with the upcoming Garritan Orchestral Strings 2. But, GOS2 is an unknown distance in the future, especially with current developments in Gary Garritan’s personal life, for which we all lift our thoughts and prayers. Continue reading


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Kidz Praise

At my church, the kids under 5th grade have their own service (under 3 in the nursery). I’m the music coordinator for the rugrats, and what we do is project the lyrics of praise songs on a screen with crazy backgrounds, and play kids versions of those songs (in good keys for pre-voice change voices to sing, usually shorter arrangements). Then the kid’s praise leader stands up in front and leads the singing and motions for each song. I work up a good sweat every time. Continue reading

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Summer Tales

I enjoy helping people record their music, especially when they have no other route. Family friends Nicole and Kayley White fall into that category. Nicole is a young writer, poet, and songwriter. She has written more songs than she can count, including one for my daughter to sing at a competition. Continue reading

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An Orchestra All My Own

My new software arrived the day after Christmas. Unfortunately, I had to wait until the following Monday to go to the post office to pick it up (out of state when they tried to deliver). As you can see from attached image, I bought the Garritan Personal Orchestra, which I have written about numerous times in this blog. Continue reading

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Father’s World Tracking Finally Completed

Really? Done? Sort of – maybe. Continue reading

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New Gear

In the four weeks since my last post I haven’t done a whole lot of musical things. I certainly am not ready to publish My Jesus I Love Thee. I’m actually not a whole lot further along on it, primarily because I’m still not totally happy with the cello sample. Continue reading

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