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Adventures in Home Recording

Back to Work

Brass Choir 2005So, I’ve spent most of the summer out working on a highway for 10+ hours a day. I basically didn’t do any music from the end of April to, well, yesterday. Continue reading


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MIDI Soprano Sax

I spent a little time working on what will be the last track on the new project: Going Home. It’s sort of an homage to Vince Guaraldi, one of my favorite jazz piano players. The concept is piano, soprano sax, upright bass and trap set played with brushes. Likely everything will be totally MIDI tracks unless I come across a soprano sax player who will work for cheap (and I like his tone). Continue reading

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Takin’ It Live

I’ve actually been working, lately. A quick update before I get to the meat of this post: Continue reading

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Soundfont Editing for Wind Controllers

I know, – dry, bland title. I promise that the next one will be back to my usual, moderately witty appellations. Continue reading

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